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***To register online please click on the Course Registration tab above. For single classes or if you prefer not to pay online, please download Credit Card Authorization Form**  Please e-mail form to pearl@seminarsbydesign.net – Do Not Fax Form as we no longer have a fax. 

Cost of Seminars:

**Save Money When you Sign Up and Pay for 2 Class Dates!! $400 for All 12 Hours**

If you are signing up for only 1 Class Date be Sure to Take Advantage of Our Early Bird Prices: Sign up and PAY for a full day at least 30 days before scheduled class to receive discounted price.

Please note we are unable to give the discounted rate after early bird date has passed.  If you are unable to pay online through the website or forgot your password please fill out and return the Credit Card Authorization Form at least 30 DAYS BEFORE THE CLASS DATE you plan to attend. Thank you for your understanding. 

EARLY BIRD PRICE 1 Full Day (6 Hrs.) $225.00

NON EARLY BIRD PRICES Each 1 day 6 Hour Class – Houston $275.00

Any 2 hour Class $125.00 – No discount – Early bird discount only applies to full day registrations.

Lunch $15.00 – Optional

2017 Schedule All New – All HSW – All IDCEC Approved

All class days are 6 hours. To satisfy your 12 hour requirement, you need to take:

1 “A” day and 1 “B”day

Houston Classes are all taught at Designer’s Furniture Mfg.
5821 Westview Drive, Houston TX 77055 (713)973-0315

Thank You to David Longwood

To Register please click on Course Registration tab above

Houston – ALL Classes START AT 10:00am

 Donna Vining – “A” Dates Donna Vining – “B” Dates
September 14th September 27th
November 15th November 16th

YES, you can take 1 day only or individual classes.

Topics of Seminars will include:

 1. WELL Building Standard  Donna Vining
 2. Barrier Free Recreational Spaces  Donna Vining
 3. Interaction & Collaboration  Donna Vining
 4. Building Sustainable Cohousing Donna Vining

Attention Texas Designers effective 1/1/2013 the State is requiring 12 hours of CEU’s. We will be doing 2 six hour class dates in each location or month. We will make sure to include Barrier Free and Sustainable courses as well as have required amount of IDCEC registered classes for those who are taking our CEU’s to fulfill professional requirements.


3 Reasons Why You Should Attend a seminar presented by: Donna Vining (FAISD, IIDA, RID,CAPS,REGREEN TRAINED)

  1. Up to date information
  2. Lively discussions
  3. Meet all professional requirements

For more information on new TBAE requirements you can visit their FAQ’s page at http://www.tbae.state.tx.us/Registrants/CEFAQs.